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Four Important Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing an IAM Solution

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Four Important Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing an IAM Solution

The right cloud-based access management (IAM) solutions can minimise risks, reduce costs, and save time. However, choosing the right identity solution for your organisation can be confusing because of the many things to consider. Do you need a more conventional IAM tool? Does your business need a privileged access solution? Do you want a solution that covers multifactor authentication?

There are other things to keep in mind when picking an IAM solution including the following:

The Problem you Want to Solve with your Identity Solution

Before you pick an IAM solution, assess where your main identity issues are centred. You probably want to make sure the people who enter your network are who they say they are. Or maybe you are concerned about super-users and the way they use their credentials. The majority of identity solution vendors will offer their own IAM, IGA, and PAM products, although they have their own areas of capabilities and emphasis. But, knowing what you must solve most will help you in narrowing down your choices and ensure you choose the right identity solution.

Cloud Adoption or Digital Transformation Plan

Cloud adoption and digital transformation are the latest craze for businesses of any size. If your company is preparing to take the plunge, make sure to do it carefully and judiciously.  If you want a new identity solution, your future in the cloud must be a big part of your decision-making. You want a solution you can deploy through the cloud. Also, you want an IAM solution that can secure your cloud-based assets.

Who will Manage your Identity Solution

If you are deploying an IAM solution, you must decide if you need a managed identity solution or your IT security team can handle it. If your business does not have the technical experience of human resources for deploying and maintaining its cybersecurity solutions in-house, you can turn to managed services providers. Your decision will depend on the availability of your IT security team and the type of identity solution you want to deploy.

The Number of Identities to be Secured

First off, take into account the number of third parties that you will grant access to your IT environment. Keep in mind that many of the data breaches take place due to hackers infiltrating a third-party and using it to penetrate the perimeter of their true target. Aside from the number of third-parties accessing your network, consider the number of distinct digital identities you need.