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Steps to Choose Domain Name for WordPress Jewelry Website

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Steps to Choose Domain Name for WordPress Jewelry Website

Domain name is the residential address of your website on the internet. It needs to be chosen correctly as it will convey crucial information to the search engine crawlers and even the searchers.

Why is it crucial to choose right domain name?

  • Unique name will stick in the visitor’s memory and influence them to return.
  • It even gives new users and even the bots an idea of your site’s purpose.
  • It even impacts SEO capability.
  • Change of domain name can be complicated and time-consuming later on.

Names are influential, even for a website just like anything else. Consider all the options prior settling on one.

Steps to choose domain name for WordPress website

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing a domain name for your website setup but a good practice can make a difference.

Choose multiple keywords relevant to your website

Just like content keywords domain name with strong keywords use is great. It helps to ranking your site highly on search result page and brings more traffic. In addition, potential visitors get a better idea of the niche and focus of your website.

Research keywords using tools to find out terms with high search volume as well a low in competition. As you are in jewelry business but sell pearl items then you can get registered as

Browse your options

After choosing a few keywords, it is time to look for a specific domain name, which is not already taken. Domain name generator will help you display multiple variations of your chosen keyword. While you look through the list of variations follow the simple criteria to narrow the list. Choose a domain name that is –

  • Clear and concise because they are hard to remember and easy to mistype.
  • Unique domain name is memorable.
  • Easy to read as well as pronounce, so avoid special characters or number.

Consider domain name type

The end part of domain name includes .com, .net, .org and more. For majority of websites .com is the best because most of the visitors expect it and is easy to remember. Nevertheless, it is becoming difficult to locate quality .com domain names. Therefore, audience is becoming more and more accustomed to different extensions. If you prefer a non .com as extension then buy it!

Top Level Domains [TLDs] apply for specific area It is used to geo-target websites. If you wish Google to geo-target then pick such extensions.

Domain name registration

After choosing the right grouping of keyword-based name and extension, you will have to buy it from a selected hosting provider.

Tip – Purchase various domain extensions along with misspelled version of domain name, so that your competitors don’t register them. It ensures that the audience gets directed to your site, even if the search term is mistyped.